The Next Generation of Midstream Energy Services

Rocky Mountain Crude Oil LLC (RMCO) is a premier provider of midstream energy services, operating in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Texas. Our fleet of tractors, double bottoms and crude oil transport trailers moves our customers’ crude oil to every major market in the United States.

We have added a freight service to our lineup! While primarily hauling for Amazon relay, we are always willing to consider other opportunities.

Our drivers must meet stringent pre-employment requirements and are trained using the Smith Driver training method.

Using Leading Technologies Across Our Entire Business

Dispatch & Electronic Ticketing

Better optimization through more effective dispatch.  Providing producers with timely information regarding all aspects of oil transporting including comprehensive load pick-up information.

Commercial Fleet Management

Fully (ELD) electronic log display-compliant since our inception. Helping meet high customer expectations efficiently and effectively while also encouraging safe, compliant driving and improving driver satisfaction.

Real-Time Driver Management

Full view of real-time fleet activity, including automated ELogs, electronic DVIRs and in-cab performance reports. Assures we are always and only dispatching qualified equipment and drivers and monitoring their activity to our strict performance standards.

Royalty Payments & Recordkeeping

Feature-rich accounting software. Offers producers royalty, severance tax and other revenue distribution services. Our experienced team is capable of addressing the most complex pricing and ownership scenarios.

Trust, Accountability, Relentless Pursuit of Improvement and Teamwork are more than words on a page to us. They are values that define who we are and how we conduct ourselves. Every moment of every day.