“You have entrusted us with nothing less than your company’s reputation. We know of no higher responsibility and we view ourselves as managing stewards of your brand.“


All employees are properly trained to safely perform their job tasks

We meet all applicable safety, health, and regulatory standards

Our supervisors assess all new locations prior to operators arriving so we fully understand our Customers’ expectations as well as any site specific requirements that may need to be considered

Every employee has the right and obligation to stop an unsafe act ensuring all jobs are to be conducted in a safe manner


We promote a culture in which all employees share the commitment of environmental, health, and safety excellence and recognize this requires a personal involvement of all levels of management and  all employees

We understand the regulatory requirements with which we need to comply

We review and train our field surpervisors and drivers consistently on all they need to know to comply with existing federal, state, customer and site-specific regulations

We anticipate potential issues that may be compliance exposures by having an extra set of eyes (our field supervisors) looking at field operations

We maintain clear written policies and procedures for our employees and provide extensive training

“All associates are expected to conduct themselves in a way that enhances their personal safety and that of their fellow workers.”


We believe environmental, health and safety incidents are largely preventable

We commit to reducing risk whenever possible. Obviously, not all risk can be completely eliminated, therefore . . .

We proactively implement engineering controls, safe work practices and site specific operating procedures we train employees continously


We manage a comprehensive incident reporting and investigation program requiring every incident be reported immediately

We respond immediately and effectively to all incidents

We collaborate with the vendors our operators use, helping establish similar working practices to aid reporting of incidents as they arise


We track and measure performance daily to establish benchmarks against which we are continuously trying to improve